Once-Future Office

ALA Studio

Resituating an architecture and interior design firm in its collective future

Brand, Digital

ALA Studio (previously known as Alda Ly Architecture) sought a new name, brand identity, and website that spoke to the collaborative nature of their architecture and interior design firm while also maintaining and building upon their existing legacy and name recognition. Together, we landed on ALA Studio, a move away from a strong association with the founder’s name by utilizing an existing shorthand that clients and collaborators already used and further emphasizing the team environment they work within. The brand identity balances the firm’s friendly approach with its quality product, drawing inspiration from many of the playful yet refined forms and colors in their architecture, interiors, and furniture. ALA Studio’s approachable and fresh new name and brand speaks to their commitment to fostering their client’s creativity and rethinking traditional commercial spaces.

ALA Bao furniture chairs shown in a variety of warm colors.
Front side of cream business card with green logo.
Backside of cream business card with green informational text.

The impactful logomark, which plays with form and counterform, was designed to be flexible and active in space, shifting and stretching across axes to provide moments of expression within the system.

Kitchen space in Liv Health, Designed by ALA Studio.

Through large-scale, vibrant imagery and a rich, tonal color palette, the website allows the firm’s work to really shine.

ALA project image Parsley Health LA. Bright room with large windows, plants, and seating.
ALA Studio Raw Canvas tote bag hanging on the back of a wood chair.

Photos courtesy of ALA Studio