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Sustainability starts small, and it starts with you

  • Brand, Campaign, Digital

Collaborators: Arturo Olmas, Ben Hickey, Blenderbox, Smokestack Films, Venus Media

How do we encourage New Yorkers of all ages and demographics to tackle an issue as large and complicated as the climate crisis? Research, stakeholder engagement, target audience interviews, workshops, and user testing informed the design of a refreshed brand and dynamic cross-channel campaign for the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice’s subsidiary brand GreeNYC. With authentically NYC illustrations and imagery and straight-forward messaging, we created 400+ ads to educate, engage, and mobilize New Yorkers to take action–with nearly zero waste to boot. From small steps like switching to LED lightbulbs all the way to pursuing a green career, GreeNYC is your resource for reducing energy costs, living sustainably, and making a brighter, greener future for all.

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The campaign saw a 488% increase in landing page visits from the previous year.

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