Once-Future Office

Third Ave at Bankside

Bringing geometric play to Bronx living


Estimated completion: 2023 | Collaborators: Hill West Architects, Leong Leong, Whitehall Interiors.

We designed a comprehensive wayfinding and signage system for Brookfield Properties’ new 477,700 SF mixed-use market-rate residential development in the Bronx. The property, designed by Hill West Architects, Whitehall Interiors, and Leong Leong, is situated along the Harlem River at the foot of the Third Avenue Bridge in the Mott Haven district of the Bronx and is adjacent to another Brookfield new development, 101 Lincoln. Together, they comprise Bankside, a master plan that will deliver 1,300 apartments with 30% affordable units, nearly 20,000 square feet of retail and community space, and the largest public waterfront in the area. 2401 Third Avenue includes three waterfront towers with a full amenities package, including coworking space, lounge, pool, outdoor areas, and children’s room. Materials in our signage system for 2401 Third Avenue enhances this urban oasis—reflecting, glowing, and blending with the architectural palette and interior finishes—that speaks to young professionals and families priced out of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Photos courtesy Leong Leong and Brookfield Properties