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Forest to Frame

Building with Forests in Mind

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Mass timber doesn’t always equal sustainable. The world of wood products and forest management is complex and can be hard to navigate. We designed a webtool with LEVER Architecture, EcoTrust, and Sustainable Northwest that architects, contractors, engineers, and clients can use to set up projects for success in understanding regional forest practices, making better-informed decisions when specifying wood products and designing buildings. In addition to allowing people to source and specify sustainable wood products, the webtool offers educational resources and knowledge sharing in a learning “hub,” exploration and connection to the ecosystem through a map view, and contextualized project guidance through a “companion” mode. The user interface, inspired by dappled forest light, uses a bright gradating color palette, fun hover states, and DIY, people-and process-focused photography to create an innovative yet trustworthy look and feel, and underline the tool’s mission to connect the forest with people.

This tool has the potential to shape and foster sustainable behavior across design professionals and provide them with a deep appreciation of the forest that will influence their practice and that of future generations.

Photos courtesy of LEVER Architecture